“NO to SB1315!”

First Los Angeles, next California…

SB1315, the bill designed to allow a ban of Airsoft in Los Angeles County, is eligible for vote in the California Assembly on August 6.  If it passes in Los Angeles, you can be sure it will happen all over California next year.  WE NEED YOU to call YOUR Assemblyperson’s office and tell them “NO to SB1315!”.

Step 1: Find your ASSEMBLYPERSON’s office info here using your zip code: http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/yourleg.html
Step 2: Call the Assemblyperson’s two Capitol and District offices
Step 3: Tell the person answering the phone “My name is [first name], I live in zip code [XXXXX], and I want my Assemblyperson to vote NO to SB1315!”

That’s all you need to do to help save Airsoft in California!  Added together, your phone calls will add up to one of the strongest grassroots campaigns this state has ever seen!  Do YOUR part NOW to save Airsoft.  If you are not a California resident, please do not call!  If you are a California resident, then call your Assemblyperson now!